Empowering women leaders to transform sport

Women Leaders in College Sports, the premier leadership organization that develops, connects and advances women working in sports, partnered with Global Prairie to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Title IX throughout its 2022 annual convention.

Amplifying the significance of this milestone legislation, Global Prairie developed a powerful convention theme – PhoenIX Rising – to highlight the critical importance of women rising to leadership roles within sports.

Convention messages encouraged all women in attendance to “Rise bolder. Rise higher. And Rise together.” These messages were integrated throughout the 2022 convention center experience and served as the rally cry to encourage each member to embrace this milestone moment in women’s history, while continuing to celebrate and support the growth of women leaders in sports.

Convention attendees also will never forget the striking and powerful red colors that enveloped the convention space, signifying the transformative power of the Title IX legislation, as well as the resilience and strength of women leadership, especially after we have (metaphorically) “emerged from the ashes” following the pandemic.

The convention smashed all records for attendance, satisfaction and engagement with conference attendees reporting how inspired and uplifted they were by the conference experience.

Celebrating 50 years of Title IX: Rising bolder. Rising higher. And Rising together.

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