Seeing a sustainable future through glass

From spirits to health drinks, the growing demand for carbon footprint data in beverage packaging consistently clashed with a lack of industry consensus or regulation on how environmental impact should be measured. The release of inconsistent carbon footprint data throughout the packaging industry made it virtually impossible for consumer-goods makers to compare the environmental impact of one packaging material with that of another.
To address this ongoing challenge, the world’s largest glass bottle manufacturer, O-I, turned to Global Prairie for sustainability counsel. Our public affairs team helped O-I redefine the life-cycle assessment process for glass, which was previously misunderstood and not documented. Better understanding the sustainability of glass allowed O-I to establish greater clarity, uniformity and leadership when assessing the environmental impact of glass within the consumer packaged goods industry.

In addition, we teamed with O-I to create their most recent sustainability report, a 100-page report highlighting their progress, innovation and impact across the world, positioning them as a truly accountable and innovative business leader in sustainability.

Partnering with the leading bottle manufacturer to redefine sustainability of their products.

O-I Sustainability Report Cover
O-I Sustainability Report Interior Pages
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O-I Sustainability Report
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