Connecting patients with resources and researchers with data.

ALS is a rare, as-of-now, incurable disease that affects only 1 in 50,000 people across the US. Encouraging ALS patients to join the CDC’s National Registry will propel efforts towards a cure – but the trick lies in finding them.

Armed with the insight that engagement is highest when persons with ALS are first diagnosed and searching for information online, Global Prairie targeted relevant websites and social media platforms with a digital campaign that emphasized benefits of joining the Registry. Ad placement was optimized based on real-time evaluation of the message’s effectiveness, leading to a 20% increase in registrations during the duration of the campaign and engagement metrics above healthcare industry average. Ultimately, the campaign served almost 50 million impressions in a six-month period.

By connecting ALS patients and the CDC Registry, our campaign provided much needed information to the scientists working on a cure and currently serves as a gold standard within the CDC for reaching hard-to-identify patient audiences through digital platforms.

ALS Registry Campaigns

The campaign led to over 175 new patient registrations in the National ALS Registry – a 20% increase from pre-campaign sign ups.