Closing the digital divide.

Google’s nationwide search for a community to test its ultra-high-speed gigabit fiber network ended with not one, but two cities – two Kansas Cities to be precise – one in Kansas and one in Missouri.

To ensure the pilot’s success, Global Prairie conducted hyper-local census tract-level research to shine a light on the online behavior of specific neighborhoods. These insights informed Google’s digital inclusion strategy and birthed The Kansas City Digital Inclusion Fund, housed at the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, to support neighborhood and community groups already working on issues of online access and education. This innovative public/private philanthropic approach, which has since been replicated in new Google Fiber cities across the country, is ensuring that high-speed fiber access doesn’t divide our communities but rather elevates all.

Want more evidence? Just Google it.

Google case study infographic showing impact of Digital Inclusion Fund

The Digital Inclusion Fund is the first-ever private sector-supported fund for local projects that teach digital literacy skills and help people get online.