Reducing flood risk in our communities

Preparing for the unknown. The purpose of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is to coordinate the response to environmental challenges in the United States that overwhelm the resources of local and state authorities. Global Prairie, in partnership with Michael Baker Engineering and Ogilvy, has partnered with FEMA since 2015 to develop and deploy marketing and communications strategies that engage individuals and communities in understanding how to mitigate their risk, and build a more resilient nation.

Working with FEMA, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, EPA and other federal partners, we have developed and convened innovative partnerships, facilitated public meetings and increased community engagement across the country with stakeholders ranging from key policy makers to victims of flooding and other natural hazards.

This purposeful and important work has been demonstrably effective in ensuring FEMA can continue doing everything possible to provide communities with the resources they need to understand their risk, know their mitigation options and become more resilient.

Partnering with FEMA to create community awareness and preparedness around risk mitigation for natural disasters.