Giving voice to the next generationof food producers.

An aging population signals that more than half a million US farmers are slated to retire by 2030, meaning nearly half of the country’s farmland – more than 400 million acres – will change hands.

To bring visibility to the potential impact this will have on not just the agriculture industry, but society as a whole, Global Prairie created FarmNext. Working with partners like YI Advisors and the nation’s land grant universities, we launched an initiative that included a listening tour, online conversations, white papers, and a summit at The White House that brought together young farmers, lawmakers, and industry experts to discuss the future of farming. Through FarmNext, millennial farmers now have a platform from which they can work together to tackle both day-to-day challenges as well as major policy issues that affect the future of food production.

Millennials see farming as a career opportunity and have shown a renewed interest in agriculture and food production.