A surgical approach to marketing automation

Content is the fuel for modern marketing engines, especially within the healthcare sector. But despite its growing importance, the ability to market relevant and engaging content has been difficult for most healthcare organizations, typically requiring the use of multiple platforms or tools. Which is why one of the most prestigious academic medical centers in the world partnered with Global Prairie to help them reimagine their digital marketing.

Cleveland Clinic, ranked as one of America’s top 2 hospitals by U.S. News & World Report, had built an industry-leading content engine, but much of it existed scattered across disparate systems, potentially creating confusion and overlap when sending newsletters, event communications and nurture emails. Additionally, Cleveland Clinic maintained multiple websites across several CMS systems which resulted in difficulty tracking patient journeys, and made it complicated to provide timely, relevant content to the user.

Deploying Marketo as its enterprise-marketing platform, our team transformed wealth of great content at Cleveland Clinic into a high-performing marketing-automation engine, inclusive of surgically precise, multi-step nurture programs worthy of this world-class provider and its patients.

Connecting patients to the right information at the right time is critical to providing world-class care.

Cleveland Clinic Doctors
Cleveland Clinic Website Mockups