A recipe for creating sustainable food…and communities

Consumers worldwide are demanding more information on the safety and sustainability of their food throughout the journey from farm to fork. As a leading specialty-ingredients manufacturer, Cereal Ingredients, Inc. (CII) is at the heart of this food-systems transformation toward transparency.

Because CII strives to make a positive impact – not just for its customers – but for employees and the communities it serves, the company set out to ensure all decisions aligned with its purpose-driven approach, most importantly its sustainability strategy.

CII engaged Global Prairie to first define and bring its purpose to life. Under that frame, we then worked with CII to enhance its sustainability strategy and weave it seamlessly throughout the core values and culture of the company. Together, we created a new purpose-driven brand strategy and identity that was differentiated in the market and brought the full suite of its offerings to life, with sustainability at the core.

By putting purpose at the center of their business strategy, CII is seen as the leader in the market known for offering its customers not only the products they need, but also for their commitment to sustainable manufacturing that is good for the world.

Evaluating its sustainability goals from every viewpoint enabled this food ingredients leader to weave purpose into the very fiber of its business.

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