Advancing women business leaders around the world

Despite its pioneering work in women’s leadership and A-list membership of the leading women in business around the globe, the story of the Committee of 200 was largely unknown within a growing global landscape of women’s leadership organizations. The organization was in search of a cohesive and compelling organizational purpose, new brand identity and founding story.

Global Prairie worked side-by-side with the organization’s board of directors to reimagine its brand. Leveraging data and insights to unearth the true potency of the organization, we moved the brand from the dated ‘Committee of 200’ to the more modern and powerful C200. We then brought this new brand to life through a complete overhaul of the visual brand identity, including a new logo, marketing materials and website.

The refreshed brand received rave reviews from one of the world’s most powerful audiences – a membership group of more than 500 CEOs – for having perfectly captured the true essence of this unique and vibrant organization.

While many new organizations have been established recently, none have been dedicated to advancing women’s leadership in business as long as C200, which was founded well before women’s leadership causes were en vogue.

C200 Logo Mark
C200 Brand Guidelines
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