The tale of a tiger wellness brand

Auburn Rec + Wellness, home of the Auburn University Tigers, has executed many capital improvements to provide state-of-the-art wellness facilities for its students, staff and community. With a focus on improving under-utilized spaces, both indoor and outdoor, Auburn engaged Global Prairie to bring the core tenant of the department, “Healthy Buildings, Healthy Bodies,” to life within their facilities.

With a focus on brand integration cascading through its many facilities, our work with Auburn has included the renovation of the main rec and wellness fitness area, underground personal training space, team meeting spaces and outdoor competitive fields.

Today, the concept of “Healthy Buildings, Healthy Bodies” is expressed throughout all facilities, ensuring a consistent brand experience and serving as a strong foundation for the future growth and expansion of Auburn Rec + Wellness.

Infusing the brand platform of “Healthy Buildings, Healthy Bodies” on the Auburn University campus.

Auburn Rec and Wellness Center
Auburn Rec and Wellness Lounge
Auburn Weight Room and Conference Center
Auburn Stretching Tables and Facility